Vitamin IV Drip Therapy in Chiang Mai

IV Vitamin Therapy in Chiang Mai

Vitamin IV Therapy Chiang Mai

CM Mediclinic does NOT provide Vitamin IV Drip Therapy. We do however provide comprehensive vitamin screening and safe Vitamin B12 supplementation via intramuscular injection for severe deficiencies and recommend oral supplementation for other vitamin or mineral deficiencies if necessary.

Most healthcare professionals strongly discourage the use of IV vitamin drips unless there is a rare digestive disorder involved. Dangers of IV therapy include infections, allergic reactions, nerve damage and vitamin or mineral overdose. Individuals with heart conditions should exercise caution, as it can lead to fluid overload, resulting in damage to the heart or kidneys. There are no miraculous benefits to receiving vitamins intravenously, and for additional nutrition, opting for a change of diet or a vitamin tablet, powder or syrup is a considerably safer choice. If your digestive system works, then use it instead of opting for a costly invasive IV treatment. In Thailand, common vitamin and mineral deficiencies include Vitamin B12, Vitamin D and iron, all can be addressed through oral supplementation. Severe Vitamin B12 deficiencies can be promptly resolved with a safe intramuscular injection.

Unfortunately the Thai FDA does not oversee the administration of vitamin IV treatments in Chiang Mai or throughout Thailand. Instead, these vitamin therapy clinics rely on their own safety measures, which may not ensure safety standards. Regrettably, certain clinics and polyclinics in Chiang Mai prioritise profits over people's health, disregarding the potential dangers of vitamin overload on vital organs and the various risks associated with intravenous therapy. Regular administration of intravenous (IV) therapy can lead to both immediate and lasting damage as a result of recurrent puncture injuries to the veins. The once-rising global trend of Vitamin IV drips is thankfully gradually diminishing, particularly in areas where increased education, research and reports of tragic incidents have highlighted potential hazards. It is surprising how these inexpensive IV supplements are promoted from manufacturers and distributors to polyclinics and other so-called medical facilities in Chiang Mai and Worldwide, with promises of significant profits and little regard for patient well-being.

Please exercise caution against dubious claims and carefully select when entrusting your health to someone's care. Do not allow profit-driven entities to sell you ineffective solutions; prioritise your well-being. Choose your healthcare provider with care and caution. Before considering supplementation, get tested for any vitamin or mineral deficiencies. CM Mediclinic can assist you with this and guide you toward correct supplementation methods.

A few of the many online articles providing further information on this concerning trend can be seen here- & Do you really need an intravenous vitamin drip?

It's clear that the placebo effect comes into place with many that have received vitamin IV therapy, some people may even feel better just because they were dehydrated. Obviously there are far easier, safer and cheaper ways to address many of the benefits that people may gain from this type of procedure.

Please exercise caution and keep in mind that these IV drip bags lack FDA approval or regulation. The actual ingredients contained in these bags can be a cause for concern. Infectious disease and ER doctors are seeing an increase of severe infections and other injuries due to IV drip therapy.

For further details please contact us. You can book an appointment for your vitamin testing by calling us on 0805 362362 or using our appointment booking form.


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