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CM Mediclinic in Chiang Mai stands out for its exceptional specialist doctor referral services, which connect patients with the top physicians in various medical fields across the city and other regions of the country. This capability is a significant advantage for patients seeking expert medical care, ensuring that they receive the best possible treatment from highly qualified specialists. The clinic's comprehensive referral network covers a wide range of medical disciplines, from cardiology and orthopedics to neurology and oncology, making it a trusted hub for specialised healthcare needs.

The seamless connection that CM Mediclinic provides is largely attributed to our Internal Medicine Specialist, Dr. Hawkins, whose extensive experience and deep roots in Chiang Mai's medical community have fostered strong personal and professional relationships with the city's leading doctors. Having graduated and practiced in Chiang Mai for over 2 decades, Dr. Hawkins has built a reputation for excellence and reliability, earning the trust and respect of her peers. This network of connections allows CM Mediclinic to refer patients to specialists who are not only top-tier in their respective fields but also familiar with the latest medical advancements and technologies.

CM Mediclinic's professional connections to leading doctors in Chiang Mai enhance the referral process, ensuring that patients are matched with specialists who are best suited to address their specific health concerns. This personalised approach to healthcare reflects the clinic's commitment to providing high-quality medical services and underscores the importance of trusted professional relationships in delivering exceptional patient care. By leveraging Dr. Hawkins' extensive network, CM Mediclinic can offer its patients a streamlined, efficient pathway to the finest medical expertise available in Chiang Mai.


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