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Seeking a dermatologist or skin clinic in Chiang Mai can be a daunting task, especially as they seem to be everywhere competing to provide mainly expensive beauty treatments, many of which provide only temporary solutions. However, if you need a dermatology clinic or a beauty clinic in Chiang Mai, CM Mediclinic can point you in the right direction. But please note that many skin conditions do not require a visit to a skin clinic or a dermatologist. Whilst CM Mediclinic is not a skin clinic providing beauty treatments etc, our clinic in Chiang Mai can provide affordable and effective treatments for many problematic skin conditions. If your skin issue requires more specialised treatment, CM Mediclinic will provide a referral service to some of the best dermatologists and skin specialists available in Chiang Mai, Thailand. So, for your first port of call for skin health in Chiang Mai, contact CM Mediclinic before you start an endless circle of unnecessary skin treatments for skin problems that could be solved in a more timely, cost-effective, and treatment-effective manner.


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