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Rapid HIV Testing now available in Chiang Mai

HIV Blood Test Chiang Mai

What is the Rapid HIV Blood Test?

The Rapid HIV test at CM Mediclinic is a combination antigen & antibody 4th generation finger prick blood test. The test is simple and quick, giving accurate results in only 20 minutes. Our rapid combo test detects more acute infections than that of previous 2nd & 3rd generation tests available. This new rapid blood test identifies HIV positive patients earlier within a smaller window period, helping to prevent further transmission during this extremely infectious early stage. This HIV test can be taken 2-6 weeks after possible exposure to the HIV virus and is taken in a completely confidential and discrete environment at our clinic in Chiang Mai.

How does the Rapid HIV Test work?

GIVE HIV THE FINGER! Unlike laboratory HIV tests no blood is drawn using a needle and syringe. Instead, we prick your finger to draw a very small amount of blood to perform the HIV test. The blood is then simply transferred onto the portable testing strip kit, providing a result in just 20 minutes. See our HIV Rapid Test Video showing how this hiv test works.

How much does the Rapid Antigen & Antibody HIV Test Cost in Chiang Mai, Thailand?

This new 4th Generation FDA approved rapid test detecting both HIV-1/2 antibodies and free HIV-1 p24 antigen costs only 499 baht. A little cost for a lot of peace of mind, taking a small amount of time! We also provide many other HIV services, including varying testing options, HIV Treatment, HIV PrEP & HIV PEP. We welcome you also to have a consultation with our experienced hiv doctor to discuss any concerns and provide you with the most up to date advice on the human immunodeficiency virus.

For further information on all our HIV services or to book a HIV test or STD test at our clinic then please do not hesitate to contact us. Please note if you have had possible exposure to HIV within the past 72 hours then please contact us urgently for emergency HIV PEP treatment.

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