Rabies Vaccinations

Have you had your Rabies Vaccine?

rabies vaccine

With a reported 3-6% of dogs carrying the rabies virus in Chiang Mai and Bangkok, it is important to be protected against. Bats, monkeys and other mammals can also carry the virus and it is suggested that the following groups in Thailand should get vaccinated against rabies:

1. People working with or who are in close contact with animals. For example, animal shelter workers, veterinarians, wildlife professionals, and researchers.

2. Those involved in outdoor activities in remote regions where the risk of being bitten by animals is high.

3. People who are visiting or staying in remote regions within Thailand.

4. Children, as they generally like to play with animals, and may not report bites for post-exposure treatment.

CM Mediclinic have several rabies vaccinations available including Rabipur, Speeda and Verorab. The vaccines require a course of three doses for protection. The second dose is given 7 days after the first then followed by the third dose, 21 days after the first. The doses are given via a painless injection in the upper arm. Post-exposure rabies vaccinations and treatment are also provided at CM Mediclinic, please contact us for further details.


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