HIV PrEP in Thailand

HIV PrEP (HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) in Thailand

HIV PrEP Thailand

Is HIV PrEP available in Thailand?

Yes, HIV PrEP or HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis is readily available in Thailand. In fact several medical clinics and hospitals in Thailand including CM Mediclinic have been prescribing HIV PrEP now for several years. In that time Thailand has attracted many people from all over the world because of the availability of affordable preventative HIV medication. Thailand has been one of the main countries in the world supplying quality generics such as Ricovir-EM and Teno-EM HIV PrEP, at a much lower price than the brand drug Truvada by Gilead. HIV incidence in Thailand reached its highest in 1992 and since then we have thankfully seen a decline, more rapidly in recent years partly due to the use of HIV PrEP. To find out more about PrEP please watch our HIV PrEP video for a further explanation on how PrEP works. Alternatively please do not hesitate to contact us or book your PrEP consultation now. Please note if you are currently NOT taking PrEP and believe you have had possible exposure to HIV within the past 72 hours then please contact us urgently for emergency HIV PEP treatment.

Where do you get HIV PrEP in Thailand and how much is it?

Please visit or contact our PrEP Clinic at CM Mediclinic, one of the first medical facilities to provide HIV PrEP in Thailand. Our PrEP Clinic provides the most up to date advice on HIV medication from one of the most experienced doctors in this field. Expert advice is on hand to educate and evaluate those wishing to be prescribed PrEP with complete confidentiality and peace of mind knowing you will be protected against HIV, costing only 33 baht per day/990 baht per month for Teno-EM and as little as 40 baht per day/1200 baht per month for Ricovir EM. Proving to be far more affordable than Gilead's Truvada HIV medication, our HIV PrEP in Thailand with its affordability and availability hopefully will have a large impact in reducing the number of new HIV infections and putting AN END TO HIV.

Can I get PrEP delivered direct to me?

Yes, if you are unable to visit us and wish to purchase HIV PrEP for delivery in Thailand or overseas then please visit our online store to buy PrEP now.

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