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COVID-19 Vaccine in Chiang Mai

COVID-19 Vaccine Chiang Mai

With the COVID-19 pandemic causing such a terribly high number of fatalities in many countries worldwide and economic destruction, the global race to roll out a safe and effective vaccine is on. Several governments have said that normal life cannot return until their populations have built up antibodies to fight the coronavirus. Hastened COVID-19 clinical trials are underway, but developing a safe and effective vaccination can take several years to be complete. Also there is the great challenge to produce the quantities required globally to win the fight against COVID-19. CM Mediclinic will provide information and updates on the coronavirus vaccine and news on when we can expect to receive safe immunity from COVID-19 in Thailand.

When will the COVID-19 vaccine be ready?

As yet most proposed COVID-19 vaccines have not completed efficient clinic trials but there have been some promising reports on some of the vaccines currently being trialled. We will be updating our website and Facebook Page with global news on the progress of the COVID-19 coronavirus vaccines. For details on our fast COVID-19 PCR swab test in Chiang Mai, click here.

When will the coronavirus vaccine be available in Chiang Mai, Thailand?

It is more than likely that once the Thai FDA & government regulators have agreed on what COVID vaccine will be available for use in Thailand, they will first provide immunisation for the "high risk" groups. People with current underlying health issues and those over a certain age, possibly. It will definitely be a costly task to vaccinate the whole Thai population so it is expected that only a percentage will be offered the vaccine free and many other Thai nationals will possibly receive a subsidy at government hospitals nationally. CM Mediclinic will be providing further information on the availability of the coronavirus COVID-19 vaccine in our clinic and other private and government medical facilities in Chiang Mai and Bangkok, Thailand on this webpage and our facebook page . Please see our COVID-19 vaccine updates below.

Latest news links for the coronavirus COVID-19 vaccine in Thailand

30/08/20 - Thai Covid-19 vaccine proves a success in trials.
25/08/20 - Oxford coronavirus vaccine data could go to regulators this year.
24/08/20 - Global initiative to provide countries equitable access to safe and effective vaccines.
09/09/20 - Oxford University vaccine trial paused after participant falls ill.
16/10/20 - Thailand to produce Oxford COVID-19 vaccine for ASEAN.
20/11/20 - Ministry to buy 26m doses from UK lab.
27/11/20 - Thailand Covid-19 vaccine contract being signed today.
07/02/21 - AstraZeneca to send Covid jabs from Asia.
24/02/21 - First Covid-19 vaccines arrive.
26/02/21 - 96000 doses for Bangkok next month.


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