Cancer Screening Blood Tests in Chiang Mai

Screen for Cancer with Our Comprehensive Range of Blood Testing Services

Cancer Screening Chiang Mai

At CM Mediclinic in Chiang Mai, we offer a range of cancer screening blood tests designed to detect various types of cancers at an early stage. These tests include screenings for common cancers such as Prostate (PSA), Ovarian (CA 125), Colon Cancer (CEA), Lung Cancer (CEA), Pancreatic and Gastric Cancer (CA19-9), Liver Cancer (AFP) and Breast Cancer screening (CA 15-3), among others. Our clinic utilises advanced blood test technologies, including tumor markers and genetic screenings, to identify potential malignancies before they become symptomatic. Early detection is crucial in the fight against cancer, and our blood tests provide a non-invasive method to catch these diseases early, significantly improving treatment outcomes and survival rates.

Our clinic prides itself on the expertise of our experienced doctor, who leads the cancer screening program with a dedication to providing high-quality care. With years of specialised training and a deep understanding of oncology, our doctor ensures that each patient receives a thorough and accurate screening. The medical staff at CM Mediclinic is trained to handle all aspects of the screening process, from the initial blood draw to the interpretation of results. Our commitment to patient care and early cancer detection is unmatched, providing peace of mind to those who seek our services.

In addition to our in-house cancer screening blood tests, CM Mediclinic offers specific cancer specialist referrals to top oncologists in Chiang Mai. We understand that a positive screening result can be daunting, and our goal is to provide a seamless transition to specialised care. Our network includes some of the best oncologists and cancer treatment centers in the region, ensuring that our patients have access to comprehensive care tailored to their specific needs. This collaborative approach ensures that each patient receives the most effective treatment plan available.

Moreover, CM Mediclinic provides access to third-party MRI and CT scan screening services. These imaging technologies are crucial for a more detailed evaluation of any abnormal findings from the blood tests. By collaborating with leading diagnostic centers, we ensure our patients receive the most accurate and thorough diagnostic imaging available. This integration of advanced imaging with our cancer screening blood tests allows for a holistic approach to cancer detection and diagnosis, ensuring no aspect of the patient's health is overlooked.


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